Pre - School

Our Pre-school curriculum aims at creating safe and joyous learning environment to prepare preschoolers to step into class 1 with confidence and the requisite skills in language, math and science.

We have adopted a thematic approach for Pre-school education which employs integrated pedagogy giving students’ curiosity and spontaneity a central stage. The thematic approach offers age-appropriate knowledge and skills which enables the child to make real-life connections. Children connect different subjects, skills and values to take action in their world. We place great importance on students’ expressions and each of our Pre-school students will encounter creative spaces. This stimulates their imagination and provides them with an open environment to express their talent and ideas.

Phonic Method: The child learns to read by constructing words and sentences with the help of speech sounds. Phonics lay the foundation for reading and learning to excel in all areas of academics.

Free Writing and Creativity: Learners are given ample opportunities to express their thoughts in their own words and this nurtures their confidence and creativity. The focus is to let them enjoy writing.

Motor Skills: A series of gross and fine motor activities support strong cognitive and physical development among children. Through these fun and engaging activities, children explore the world around them.

Math and Numeracy Skills: The math component of the Pre-school curriculum focuses on hands-on, activity-based learning. It is stress-free and engages the child in simple and developmentally appropriate activities.

Science Curriculum: Observations and hands-on experiments are the core of the science curriculum. Our aim is to introduce preschoolers to the wonders of natural phenomena in simple and exciting ways.

Stories and Songs: A collection of carefully selected theme-based stories and songs reinforce the real-life connections. The songs and stories impart values, morals and enrich children’s language.

Assessment for learning is the major focus at this stage of schooling. All the assessment practices aim at supporting continued achievement and all round well-being of students.

At Pre-school we closely engage parents in child’s learning by conducting continuous workshops to educate parents about child development and curriculum to enhance the process of learning.


Our Primary School curriculum encourages children to be autonomous learners and takes responsibility and initiative as they move into a more challenging phase of schooling. We adopt pedagogical approaches to cater to the needs of all learners. The main emphasis is given to language learning, numeracy, basic science skills and communication skills, while at the same time responding to the challenging needs of students’ socio-personal development. Our Primary School is divided into two levels:

Lower Primary – Class 1 to 5

Upper Primary – Class 6 and 7

We plan the teaching-learning based on the Karnataka State Syllabus, where we use various credible learning resources to complement the course of study. We offer the following subject areas at the primary level. 



Hindi (offered from class _)



Social Science

Physical Education

Life Skills Education

Art and Craft


Assessment is learner-friendly and transparent. Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas are graded and reported. We carry out Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments throughout the year ensuring comprehensiveness and continued learning.